Bowling Ball Reaction Videos / Bowling Resources

Bowling Ball Reaction Videos and Bowling Resources

The bowling ball reaction videos page is intended to provide non-professional and objective visual indication to aid purchasing decisions in the bowling community. The intent is for these videos to be provided or uploaded by regular bowlers during leagues or practice sessions. Until such time as a sufficient number are found or submitted, the site will include video links from non-biased sources, places other than bowling ball manufacturers. One such site that I've used extensively in the past is, Inc.


The intent will be to select bowling ball reaction videos that showcase a range of bowling styles (rev rates and angle positions on the lane)  on lane conditions that are similar to the typical house shot (THS) condition.  At this point there are few of these types of videos so for now a number of ball reviews / reaction videos are linked from, Inc. and a few other sites as they generally present 3 - 4 different types of bowler style and give a more realistic expectation for bowling ball reaction.


If you take your own bowling ball reaction videos please provide at least 30 seconds or four frames of video and include the description of the ball. You can send the links or video via email to Feel free to leave comments (at the bottom of the page) as well.

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Brunswick True Nirvana

Hammer Black Widow Legend

Storm Intense / Storm Matchup Hybrid Comparison

Storm Timeless

Storm Optimus with Comparisons

Storm Lock

Hammer Scandal vs Black Widow

Track Cyborg (Down and In)

Track Cyborg (Deep)

Brunswick Absolute Nirvana

Storm Alpha Crux

2016 PBA Shark Championship 

Winner - Francois Lavoie

Columbia 300 Tyrant

2016 PBA Scorpion Championship 

Winner - Tommy Jones

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Bowling Resources and Bowling Scores Statistics

These site links are helpful resources for serious bowlers

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