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TNBA and Amateur Bowling Tournaments Information

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Dear Visitor due to the spread of COVID-19 numerous tournaments have postponed or may cancel their events. Those listed on the site are from publicly available tournament data. Contact the tournament organizer to confirm tournament status.



Welcome! You have arrived at the TNBA Southern Bowling Tournaments Information, USBC Southern Bowling Tournaments Information, and Southern Scratch Bowling Tournaments Information Site. This site is primarily, but not exclusively, designed to provide you with TNBA, USBC and Scratch tournament information for the South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida areas. It is intended to be an all-inclusive list and will be updated periodically as tournament dates/locations are confirmed.


The site contains hotel, air and car rental trip planning information for your travel needs. Please utilize the links to sign-on to the various sites. Discounts will be noted as the information becomes available.

The site also has links to bowling ball demo videos from individuals and distributors such as and Amazon.

You can find bowling tips and other interesting tidbits on bowling on my Pinterest board or view them on the site on the bowling tips page. Take a look and if you find something interesting shoot me a comment and I'll get it added to the board.



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